Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zoo to You this Two for Tuesday

It's Two for Tuesday! I know you'll like what I have to offer and it is such a good deal

First item is a fun zoo unit!
Here's a description

Students get to use the information they have learned and engage in five activities about graphing while taking a survey about students' favorite animals, repeated addition while counting animal legs and making a zoo map, adding money while making a menu for the zoo snack bar, and presenting information about an animal at the zoo theater. These are 2nd grade C.C. standards, but can be a great review for 3rd graders.

Here is a sample activity:
 Classroom tested. Student approved.
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Next item is also filled with various activities.
Here is a description
In this unit students add dollar amounts while grocery shopping, identify the attributes of solid figures while making a sand castle, make an array with sea creatures, make a kite while identifying plane shapes, and writing a post card telling about the fun they had at their Day at the Beach.

Here is a sample activity:
These are also 2nd grade standards, but can be used as a fun way to review with 3rd graders.

This product for $5.00 $2.50

Also going on. . .
Happy Tuesday!

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