Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two For Tuesday--7/22

I'm linkin' up with The Teacher Tribune for Two for Tuesday!

This week I'm offering Unit 1: Narrative Writing in 2nd Grade. This product includes engaging activities to get students writing a narrative. 
Narrative Writing in 2nd Grade
 Beginning with story structure, students will practice identifying characters, setting, and plot in order to get them ready for their own narratives. Following are lessons and activities intended to focus students' attention on writing strong beginnings and endings for narratives. Finally, using what they have learned, students will write a narrative with guidance and independently. 

Sale Price: $4!

The second product I'm offering is Dinosaurs: Informational Text for the Common Core.

Dinosaurs! Informational Text for the Common Core

In this product, students will learn about fossils, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. 

There at total of 5 leveled articles for students to read, take notes, and compare and contrast. 

Students can use the information to sort dinosaur facts, write an opinion or narrative from provided prompts and/or write a research report using the book included in this product.

Sale Price: $2.50! 
 Happy Tuesday!

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